What if I were to tell you that there is a future beyond your wildest imagination and that it exists right now?

Blockchain technology has become increasingly popular. Adopters have been seduced by its promise of revolutionizing the future through privacy and decentralization. However, the steep learning curve for investors has created the opportunity for a technology to run amok by building on an imperfect algorithm.

Dr. Wei-Tek Tsai has invented a faster, more-secure completely decentralized blockchain technology that will be the foundation for next-generation crypto networks. Unlike other blockchain technologies, it runs on Concurrent Byzantine Fault Tolerance (CBFT) which speeds up the voting process. CBFT easily identifies a traitor, requires nodes to protect their reputation, and allows for greater scalability without the need for or the problems associated with sharding.

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The Sandbox Initiative

ZeU has developed an industrial sandbox that can be used to test fintech and blockchain solutions by regulators, industrial consortiums, financial institutions, large corporations, start-ups, researchers, scientists, engineers, and students. In due course, the sandbox will also be used by education institutions so that university projects can be conducted in a simulation environment to test numerous fintech solutions. Additionally, the sandbox can be used by regulators to evaluate various fintech policies to guide the entire ecosystem leading to the ecosystem being ‘too big to fail’.

Big Data

ZeU offers a suite of solutions suitable for Big Data capable of satisfying its high-volume, high-performance requirements. It will be the largest and fastest distributed and self-contained hyper-data solution. Unlike our competitors, we did not build on a flawed, existing foundation but created a secure and highly-scalable infrastructure well-suited to the demands of specialty banking, trading platforms, and credit card companies.
ZeU’s Big Data solutions will be commercially deployed in 2018-2019.

Internet of Blockchains (IoB)

IoB is where things really get exciting and ZeU is positioned to be in the middle of it. Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts are just the beginning. Blockchain enables Web 3.0, interconnectivity without the need for a trust broker for privacy or security. Beyond the supply chain industry, there is potential in law, real estate, health care, transportation, education, and oil and gas. Transactions that took multiple players and weeks, if not months, can now be accomplished confidently in moments.

ZeU’s blockchain core technology is a genuinely decentralized distributed pattern with an elegant simplicity and outstanding performance to obsess the best programmers and architects around the world, resulting in a global open community creating the Internet of Blockchains.

Create the future you’ve only dreamed of.

ZeU Crypto Networks is revolutionizing blockchain through the creation of astounding blockchain core technologies. A blockchain crypto network company, we can provide proven High-Speed Super Large Ledger Technology through a blockchain framework with Concurrent Byzantine Fault Tolerance (CBFT), the world’s leading high-speed consensus algorithm.